Our Mission

The mission of the Pratap International School is to inspire in our students a lifelong love of learning and pursuit of academic excellence, to promote understanding of and respect for the diversity that makes our society strong, and to encourage constructive and responsible, global citizenship.

The School nurtures the development of the whole child through a program that seeks:

  • To develop intellectual abilities such as scholarship and disciplined, critical thinking;
  • To foster in each student integrity, ethical behavior, compassion, and a sense of humor;
  • To promote responsibility and leadership, an appreciation of individual and cultural differences, and a respect for the opinions of others;
  • To nurture aesthetic abilities such as creativity, imagination, musical, and visual talent; and
  • To encourage joyful, healthy living, a love of nature, and physical fitness.

All members of the Pratap International School strive to create an educational environment that reflects the School's core values of academic excellence, diversity, and citizenship, one in which each student can thrive. We believe that a program based on these core values will prepare our students to be effective global citizens as they face and embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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