Director Message

Dear Students, Parents and Staff,
I welcome you all to our new growing sapling to have lovely flowers at 'Pratap International School'. every child is intrinsically talented but only a few succeed in giving expression to their latent potentialities. Here we have different co-curricular activities to nurture and enrich the talent of all the students to make them grow into a complete human being ready to face the challenges.

The school aims at bringing students to work with excellence not as a matter of meeting targets but as a matter of habit which they inculcate throughout their lives. We rigorously aim to polish all abilities to shine considering all kids to be special in some or the other way. Pratap International School, in other words means creating an urge to learn and not telling them to learn purposely.

I strongly believe that all Parents who are with us or will be with us in near future will find us always there to stand along with the way they want their child to grow. The school promises a fine blend of education. On behalf of my staff I commit, that your ward will walk out as a well groomed individual with a nourished spirit... a fine human being....God"s Best Creation. God Bless!
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