Virtual School

Virtual School on the Microsoft 365 Education suite

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic , PIS transitioned to virtual school in April 2020 to continue to
provide our students with a learning experience that is aligned with our educational philosophy,
leveraging the power of digital technologies.

We opted for Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft 365 Education suite, which is not only safe and
secure, but also has many robust features and applications to make learning more interactive.

The virtual school offers several opportunities for teachers to design and use a wide variety of
creative and interactive teaching techniques and activities to enhance students’ level of engagement
and understanding. Tech tools like Kahoot, Quizlet, Padlet, Minecraft, etc. are used to gamify lessons
and develop their problem-solving skills, apart from helping them immerse in learning.

Using Microsoft Teams students join and participate in online virtual calls to facilitate learning. All
online classes are recorded to provide easy access for students to review to learn at their own pace.

Microsoft Teams allows easy sharing and collaboration of documents within the Office ecosystem.
Students can easily find assignments, chat with their classmates and send messages to their
teachers. It allows students to be easily aware of t5heir scheduled class times and assignment due

Orientations for parents, parent-teacher meetings, assemblies, inter-house events are conducted
through Microsoft Teams, giving students and parents a varied and wholesome virtual experience.

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