Trinity Assessment

Trinity Assessment And Skill Development Programme

Trinity College London is an awarding body recognized by the Office of Qualifications and
Examinations Regulation in England and Northern Ireland, and by Qualifications Wales.

Through Trinity’s skill development programme , we use drama, games, music and movement to
develop confidence, creativity and communication skills among students.

Children in each class become members of a unique Theatrical Company- making new friends and
learning to work as a team.

When children create and perform drama together they gain valuable insights into the world, whilst
improving concentration, memory, clarity of speech and emotional understanding.

It stimulates creativity in students, especially with regards to problem solving. Dramatic expression
can provide students with an outlet for emotion, thought and dreams that they might not otherwise
have means to express. This is one of the foremost reasons why Trinity Development Programme is
a necessary aspect of a wholesome curriculum at PIS.

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