Blended learning

Blended learning through Oxford Advantage

Oxford Advantage is a blended learning solution for primary students at PIS. It is a comprehensive
suite of educational materials and services. It includes learning materials, assessments, a digital
learning platform , to make education more engaging, relative and accessible.

It is an integrated learning aid that aims to serve as an end-to-end solution for the various
educational needs of our students. With Oxford Advantage , we provide comprehensive suite of
educational materials and services to support a contemporary model of education delivery and
assessment that is not only more engaging, but also more relevant in these changed teaching-
learning situations.

Aligned with the NEP’s focus on offering a holistic education that includes Art, Oxford Advantage
emphasizes art integration through activities in the Student’s Books and Workbooks, as well as
includes an Art and Craft Book for each grade, thus, reinforcing learning through art. The key
features of Oxford Advantage include student’s Books, Workbooks, Literature Readers, Teacher’s
Manuals, Learning Management System with Interactive Content, Apps for students, teachers and
parents, thus allowing us to be more agile ensuring continuity of learning.

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