Digital teaching

Digital teaching and learning

Pratap International School integrates information and communication technology into the
curriculum and implements best practices in 21 st Century Learning. The school’s computer and
communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities and broadband Internet
connectivity. Apart from full-fledged Computer Labs, the Learning Centre also has computing facility
to assist students in projects and research assignments. As a leading CBSE school , we support
continuous inquiry and foster collaboration. We bring the latest advancements to keep their levels
of information literacy always elevated. Integrating technology into education helps our students
develop critical thinking skills and manage complexity.

Our teachers through high quality lessons, provide students with a blended learning experience-
synchronous instruction along with asynchronous resources support including recorded sessions.

Teachers have curated and placed a huge repository of digital resources on the OneNote Class
Notebook for students to reinforce their learning.

By recruiting technology coaches and through the formation of active Professional learning
communities, the School continues to augment its teaching resources and strengthen its culture of
sharing best practices.

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